067 - village teashop

A typical village tea shop in Kerala. Sadly nowadays if we travel to a village, chances are remote we would be welcomed by such a sight. Everything is changing, rather has changed.

Few weeks back, we had a Folk Fest here in town. The main attraction of the event, other than the cultural programs, was this model of a traditional Kerala village they had recreated. This tea shop was part of that. Though not “authentic,” it was a fully functioning model with some awesome tea and equally amazing snacks. I loved it! 🙂

I will list out the items on display, but finding the English equivalent would be a very tough task as these are traditional items and chances are there may not be an English equivalent. Still for those interested, may google be your friend. 🙂

From top left:

  • Neyyappam
  • Ilayada
  • Achappam
  • Naaranga muttaayi (first glass jar) – a kind of hard candy
  • Kappalandi muttaayi (second glass jar) – peanut candy
  • Vettu cake
  • Pappada boli

There you go!



  1. Your photos are al so clear and awesome… thank you for sharing…
    Also please read my blog on my experience in Kerala… hope you like it…

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