{Nat Geo Earth Explorer // Model – NG 2345.}

I will never be able to understand why companies discontinue brilliantly designed, properly functioning products. This camera bag has been with me for 5+ years now and is still going strong. I don’t use the bag all that much nowadays though for fear of damaging it as replacement unfortunately is not an option anymore. :-/



    • Yes Amy, it’s a beautiful bag. Lots of pockets. Very easy to keep things organized. Not too ugly and bulky like most of the camera bags, but still holds a decent amount of stuff. And now I am slowly learning to be wiser and not fall for this marketing trap. 🙂

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      • I’ve got my eyes on a waist carrying bag for my extra lenses and an extra camera body. I don’t like wearing a bag on my back … it’s too bulky and it bothers me. From what I have seen this bag looks excellent but I’m still doing research on it. And as for that new and improved… Don’t fall for it. I’ve done it a couple of times and the new and improved product is a cheaper version than the original.

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        • Waist bags are a good choice. They stay in place if tightened properly and you don’t feel the weight on your shoulders. In fact, you hardly feel any weight! I have a waist bag that I sometimes use when cycling.

          “Cheaper version than the original” – So true! Sadly it applies to almost every product out there now. :-/

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  1. I wondered that too. But someone told me it was a strategy. I wonder.
    Anyway that was a beautiful shot. Everything looks so beautiful when seen from a photographer’s eye. Just look at it this bag. 🙂

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    • Thanks Ankit. I guess in this case, it’s more of the bag and less of the person who took the photo that makes this bag look so beautiful because the bag is “indeed” beautiful! 😛 .. As to the strategy part, Paula has the prefect answer – “.. to get us to buy new stuff again and again” – you can see her comment above. 🙂

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    • Yes, I have seen them as Amazon has brought them to India and the reviews are highly positive. As you said, they are real value for money! But I somehow don’t like black color bags and that’s the only reason why I still haven’t bought one. A friend in Australia is tracking Ebay for used Crumpler bags. If I am lucky, I might be able to get hold of one. Crumpler had some colorful bags! 🙂


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