10:40 a.m. A very hot and humid day. Still decided to pedal to Sujith’s workshop, The Custom Factory. Had a quick chit-chat with him regarding painting my bicycle frame and clarified all doubts. Very knowledgeable chap and very humble. Felt glad I paid him a visit. Told him I’ll drop the bicycle frame off tomorrow or day after. From there, went to my bicycle mechanic’s shop. Halfway through, the heat was really getting to me and I stopped at this small roadside soda shop and had a super-awesome “nannari sherbet“. Two actually. 😛



    • I’ve never tasted nannari on its own. Since it’s a herb, I feel it must be having sort of a “herbal” taste. 🙂 We normally add a spoonful of nannari syrup to lemon juice and sweeten it with a little sugar. Where I had it yesterday, he added some “khus khus” too (chia seeds). It was really yum! 🙂

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