067 - village teashop

A typical village tea shop in Kerala. Sadly nowadays if we travel to a village, chances are remote we would be welcomed by such a sight. Everything is changing, rather has changed.

Few weeks back, we had a Folk Fest here in town. The main attraction of the event, other than the cultural programs, was this model of a traditional Kerala village they had recreated. This tea shop was part of that. Though not “authentic,” it was a fully functioning model with some awesome tea and equally amazing snacks. I loved it! 🙂

I will list out the items on display, but finding the English equivalent would be a very tough task as these are traditional items and chances are there may not be an English equivalent. Still for those interested, may google be your friend. 🙂

From top left:

  • Neyyappam
  • Ilayada
  • Achappam
  • Naaranga muttaayi (first glass jar) – a kind of hard candy
  • Kappalandi muttaayi (second glass jar) – peanut candy
  • Vettu cake
  • Pappada boli

There you go!