050 - library

So I complete 50 posts today, which to be very honest is a big achievement for me! (Clap clap and a pat on my back?) 🙂 When I started this 365-day project, I never thought I would have the patience to complete even 10 posts, but thanks to you all, I am still sticking around. And I hope I continue this journey beyond 365 days.

I hardly ever write anything in my blog posts because I am no writer. But today I decided to write a few words because I want to thank all the 300 “friends” (NOT followers) I have made here in WordPress in the last 50 days. So thank you everyone for supporting my blog and appreciating my photography. It’s really a wonderful feeling to know so many people love what I do with my camera. Thank you all! 🙂

I dedicate this post to all 300 of you, especially my writer friends as am sure you all might like this photo more than anybody else. 🙂

A good book on your shelf is a friend that turns its back on you and remains a friend. ~Author unknown