1. dilip, there’s an insufficient communication. I use thought shorts and a lot of associations to movies. D’you recall 201: Space Odyssey and Interstellar? Both movies deal with Time and Space. The lonely man on your picture may might choose two paths to experience the vastness.

    Firstly, just like you commented it, a musing the scenery but happy with all the sounds soothing his inner world. Secondly, a man enthralled by the fact, he, so small being faces now the great vastness which seems to welcome Him to take the Space and explore it.

    For me time intertwines with space wherever and whenever I stand before such huge openness.

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  2. BTW. I should write it using my editor, not the Comment entry field. I’ve made few errors and I don’t know how to edit my last comment.

    I should add that black and white has its charm but just here, using wide lens, you were able to create the space, excellent to ponder ones life. That’s why I noticed not colors or grays, but I felt as if the image talked to me. Using other attributes which I mentioned earlier, of course.

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